Come celebrate the first Online Outline in SofaWorld, on Twitch or on Discord with us from May 22nd until 24th!

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May 22nd - May 24th 2020 in SofaWorld, The Netherlands

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About Outline Online

As Holland's longest running annual demoscene event, Outline is about to run it's first online event, offering DJs and live acts, competitions for all platforms, a variety of demoshows, a Shader Showdown tournament, and craptastic prize giving ceremonies at 11:30.

Outline Online is a demo party, an event which takes place over the course of several days. It is a place where people compete, and celebrate the creative use of computers. If this is your first encounter with Outline Online or demo parties in general, you would do well to read up on the matter on wikipedia.

Outline Online started in 2004 as a shadow party organised by and for the Atari demo scene to coincide with Breakpoint (one of the largest demo scene events held annually in Germany). Word got out and the unique atmosphere started attracting people from other platforms. Today, Outline Online remains an Atari party at heart but welcomes all platforms to mingle, agree and disagree.

When faced with strict social distancing regulations in May 2020 by the Dutch government due to a certain worldwide pandemic which you may have heard about, Outline decided to postpone it's physical event to November 2020, and to organize an online event at the originally scheduled Ascension day weekend date. This website is about the online event on May 22-24, a website for the November physical Outline edition will be published in early June.


Outline Online will be streamed live from the Trepaan HQ at a secret location in Zevenaar.

  • Facilities

    Sofa World with large format projection screen, suitable audio, and realistic fluid dynamics, our channel on for that genuine couchscener feeling, and last but not least: a pond for the PMP duckies.

  • Food & Drink

    Your fridge serves shockingly cheap drinks and snacks. To top that off, there's cheap coffee, tea and breakfast to be found in your kitchen. Sorry, no food tickets this time!

  • Network

    We'll be kicking it newskool this Ascension day weekend, using Wuhu for uploading and voting. The only incentive we have is to cater to Sofasceners −please stop asking for video feeds, the link is to the left.


Outline is an Atari party at heart, but all platforms are welcome to strut their stuff.

General rules

Although Outline has traditionally offered a wide variety of competitions, due to the nature of this online edition (and the challenges it imposes on the organisation) we have limited the line-up to demo, 128 byte intro, music, graphics, photo and animation. All these competitions are multi-platform.

General rules

  1. Don't be an idiot. Don't break any Dutch laws, respect copyright law and don't cheat.
  2. Anyone is allowed to participate in our compos. Please send your entries to [email protected] (online upload will be announced later). Supply all relevant details regarding platform, format, etc. Optionally, you may supply a description to be shown before your entry is played.
  3. Only previously unreleased work may be entered into the competitions.
  4. Competitions can be merged, split, or cancelled at the compo team's discretion. However, we will try to seek agreement from the involved creators if feasible. Rule of thumb is that at least three entries are required for a compo to be held.
  5. Technical details, formats and platforms for entries will be announced before screening.
  6. Please supply a link to a video capture for any real-time entries - regardless of platform. If you're unable to provide one, please let us know beforehand. Similarly, participants in the music competition are requested to supply MP3 or OGG renditions in case of non-modern or uncommon formats.
  7. The compo team reserves the right to apply preselection in case of large numbers of entries, or to filter out troll/low-effort entries. Entries not shown in the competitions will not be released by Outline.
  8. The compo team has the final word on things. We are reasonable people though, so we will do our best to be of help!
  9. The submission deadline for all entries is Wednesday/Thursday 20/21 May, 00:00.

Demo competition

  • We accept realtime entries for any platform - PC, Atari, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum, MSX, plotters, fridges, etc. etc...
  • There is no file size limit. Note that size-limited productions such as 4k's and 64k's are also welcome to compete!
  • We also accept games or any other interactive entries, provided that gameplay or interaction are adequately demonstrated in a video capture.
  • Pure videos/animations are not eligible for this competition.
  • Please supply a link to a video capture of your entry. If you're unable to provide one, please let us know beforehand
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Music competitions

  • Entries for any platform and of any format (streaming, module, executable) are accepted.
  • Original works only: remixes, covers and previously released songs will not be accepted.
  • All entries will be played with the latest version of XMPlay (version 3.8.4).
  • If you're submitting an entry in a format not supported out-of-the-box by XMPlay, please also provide an MP3 or OGG version alongside the original file.
  • Multichannel modules (XM, IT, S3M) will be played using default XMPlay settings (sinc interpolation, sensitive ramping, 50% stereo separation). MOD files will be played with interpolation and ramping disabled, and 50% stereo separation. If you need other playback settings for your module, please specify.
  • Maximum playtime is 4 minutes. Longer entries may be faded out.

Graphics competitions

  • Entries for all platforms and of any resolution and colour depth are accepted, including executable graphics.
  • For non-executable entries, provide at least three work stages. Entries will be shown using IrfanView.
  • In case of obscure formats or executable graphics, please also provide a version (including work stages if applicable) supported out-of-the-box by IrfanView alongside the original work. For your own sake, lossless formats (such as PNG) are preferred.

Freestyle graphics

  • Any file format supported by IrfanView is allowed (for your own sake, lossless formats are preferred).
  • Please provide at least three workstages.


  • Please specify whether your entry is a 'pure' photo, retouched, or a collage.
  • In case of major editing and/or compositing we may decide to move your entry to the graphics competition.

Miscellaneous competitions

Atari ST(e) entries will be shown on real hardware. We have emulators installed for most other popular systems, or bring your own hardware.

128 byte intro

  • Entries for all platforms are accepted.
  • Please supply a link to a video capture of your entry. If you're unable to provide one, please let us know beforehand.
  • In case of DOS entries, please clarify whether your intro targets classic (MS-)DOS, FreeDOS, DOSBox(-X), etc. In the latter case, specify configuration requirements (cycles, cores...) if applicable.
  • Maximum file size is 128 bytes for DOS and other platforms/formats which do not require an executable header. For other platforms, standard header size does not count towards the 128 byte limit. However, using the header to store custom code/data is not allowed.


  • This competition is for non-realtime entries: videos, rendered animations, etc.
  • We accept any file format that can be played back by VLC Media Player.
  • Maximum playtime is 10 minutes.


Outline Online is packed to the gills with activities and events. Have a look and plan ahead for those pesky deadlines or your favorite artist's performance!

Friday May 22nd

Time Description
11:30 Event Doors open
11:30 Live Shots with Okkie & Shifter
12:30 Music Dipswitch
14:00 Demoshow Best of Dutch demos part 1
16:00 Music Gasman
17:30 Music Turboanalisis Extravaganza 2.0
19:00 Compo Music
20:00 Event Shader Showdown semi finals
21:00 Compo Graphics
21:30 Music + Shaders Handsome Hooligans
22:30 Compo Animation
23:00 Music + Shaders Lynn Drumm ft. Bruce, Flopine & Visy
00:00 Live Bar with Reality404 & Polynomial & guests
01:00 Music Bossman
02:00 Music Commander Homer

Saturday May 23rd

Time Description
09:00 Demoshow Best of Dutch demos part 2
11:30 Live Shots with Okkie & Shifter
12:30 Music Klandox - Waking Up with Anal
14:00 Event SofaWorld Developers Session
15:00 Music Teo
16:00 Music DaTucker
17:30 Compo Photo
18:00 Music + Shaders DJ Bombe ft. NuSan, Blackle & TBD
20:00 Compo 256 byte intro
20:30 Compo 128 byte intro
21:00 Shader Shader Showdown final
22:00 Compo Demo
23:00 Music + Shaders Ronny Pries ft. TBD, TBD & TBD
00:00 Live Bar with Reality404 & Polynomial & guests
01:00 Music Commander Homer
02:00 Music Numtek

Sunday May 24th

Time Description
10:00 Event Voting closes
11:00 Live Shots with Okkie & Shifter
11:30 Event Prizegiving
14:00 Event Doors close


Outline Online votekey-only tickets cost €1,− and supporter tickets start at €10,−. Buying tickets is not required to watch our stream but contributions are more than welcome and will be used to cover our expenses for this event.

A ticket gives you the good feeling that you supported creating our SofaWorld location, Twitch stream and Discord channels with very little to worry about unless you forget to properly fill your fridge before the party starts.

Supporter tickets

Supporter tickets are a voluntary option for anyone who would like to contribute more than 1 Euro to cover the expenses we're making for this party. If you decide to buy a supporter ticket you will receive our eternal gratitude, a votekey and a mention in our afterparty broadcast.

Ticket ordering

You can pre-order using bank transfer or Paypal. We will try to implement Bitcoin payments before the party starts. If you honestly need a different payment option, get in touch!

Please note

Sending votekeys is a manual process to prevent mischief and therefore slight delays can occur. Voting is still possible after a compo closes (except for the Shader Showdown). We send only 1 votekey to each contributor, and you will not be able to use multiple votekeys with a single account. If any (attempts at) fraud are detected we reserve the right to disable the votekeys involved and remove any votes associated with those keys without explanation.

  • Bank transfer

    Please transfer 1 Euro or more to the following bank account:

    • Care of: P. van Rijn
    • IBAN: NL27INGB0008296429
    • ING Bank, The Netherlands
  • Paypal

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