Outline 2014 results

The files will be on Scene.org probably right after this gets posted. You can check out the releases at Demozoo, or at the veritable hell called Pouët.


Rank Points
01 184 Exit by dojoe
02 165 Das Boot - U96 by OhLi / Digital Demolition Krew
03 160 Raiders of the lost Atlantis by v3nom/red_scarves
04 158 AttackOfTheTreeMen by prince/the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSi
05 154 Turn up the bass by Sabryas
06 148 I've looked at clouds from both sides now by Honkey
07 146 AAATAAAARIII by Sabryas
08 145 friendly giant by dipswitch/up rough ^ black maiden
09 143 I like broken things by Tivaaa
10 142 Turbines Galore by ted/trbl [REMOTE]
11 141 When Bee and Blue unite... by SilverLance/3ln
12 129 Meet Joshua- from the catboat by Honkey
13 97 Easter Egg ??? by kokkie Amiga/Edge of Panic
14 93 When you see bricks you will shit by Traumatische Szenen
15 76 Flying jonkooo ganjaa 420 blaze it by KindBarend/Poo-Brain

Realtime Wild demo

Rank Points
01 231 osaka by utz
02 145 Ex Ante by DESiRE
03 133 smell those douglas firs by maxwell/limp ninja
04 122 ST Video Player by BLabla
05 110 50 years basic by Fritske/RBBS

Newskool / Streaming music

Rank Points
01 115 Into the Blue by xtrium/LNX
02 111 Drugs by Knoeki/DSS
03 102 Ik zei toch dat ie lelijk was by Bassie/RBi
04 99 jah life by dipswitch/up rough ^ black maiden
05 98 Miles Ahead by Saga Musix/Nuance
06 91 sourire by malmen & xyce
07 87 ChipSpringTune 2 by LiSU
08 83 Scarlett by teo / fd ^ rbs
09 81 hold my hand by Solenoid/SNR
10 78 DJ DNA & Kurtis Blow - Far Far Away (STU remix) by STU
11 74 scream of the earth by z brothers
12 72 Mars by Synnys
12 72 The Masterplan by Alien7 [REMOTE]
14 71 Waiting All Light by vv8
15 69 Ionosphere by phaazon/the undead sceners
16 68 Let Me See You Dance! 2 by LiSU/Tristesse
17 67 The best of Phil Collins in three minutes played backwards by Cinder, Maali & Satan
18 64 Kicking Stars by Cinder/deFEEST

Pixel graphics

Rank Points
01 233 Outline preview by Jok'Dreamweb [REMOTE]
02 218 BitchPlease by prince/the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSi
03 189 $FF by BokanoiD/DESiRE
04 175 night-mare by titus/rabenauge
05 121 BwaaAtari by Sts [REMOTE]
06 90 Green by Unreal / FD


Rank Points
01 220 Demoscene Fashion Show by Black Destiny/Poo-Brain
02 142 Grolsch machine by Danish Underpants Brigade [REMOTE]

Combined oldschool & executable music

Rank Points
01 132 chicago by xyce^titan
02 127 ruine by xyce^titan
03 116 Give Me Time by Factor6/YM-DIGITAL^AY-Riders^H-PRG [REMOTE]
04 105 Night Horse by Knoeki/DSS
05 104 Fuckaboing by RoccoW
06 98 ROR AND ROL by epi/Tristesse^O.S.
07 95 Unlzx by teo/fd ^ rbs
08 94 Outline Me! by LiSU
09 83 No hard mood by Triace/DESiRE [REMOTE]

Freestyle graphics

Rank Points
01 264 Into the Forest by Smilodon/
02 253 Ruins by Oni
03 221 OnTheOutside by prince/the Obsessed Maniacs / TRSi
04 192 Blue Planet by Lycan/LNX
04 192 Spaceport by Unreal / FD
06 168 Choo choo Outline by KindBarend/Poo-Brain
07 160 NYC by teo/fd ^ rbs
08 151 Lord of the Flies by draugven/cc
09 108 Welcome to Outline by Juice & Cookie
10 90 The 5711 colorful windows of the koelsche Dom by LENI
11 82 ~ by Tivaaa
12 75 Brightline by Filip H.F. "FiXato" Slagter

Atari ST demo

Rank Points
01 192 Sommarhack 2014 Invite by DHS


Rank Points
01 213 C-Type by Solenoid & Warner of SNR
02 169 Killing Spree by The Lost Boys (Music by Scavenger/Synergy Intro by Delta Force, The Lost Boys and D-bug)
03 145 Triagon by The Match/FUN
04 130 Atari ST Impossible Game by Calsoft/Calsoft/The PHF/GFX TiNKer

PC demo

Rank Points
01 208 PB00: Paardicle by poo-brain
02 193 SRDCE by Satori
03 178 The non-stop Alaska experience by Limp Ninja
04 150 K-Rider by Guideline
05 141 Testlauf by Acrise
06 102 Toen het stil bleef by Guideline
07 92 Mega Turd by nUn

128byte intro

Rank Points
01 244 Mayan by Baudsurfer/rsi
02 202 Wolf128 by Baudsurfer/rsi
03 157 Popcast by HellMood [REMOTE]
04 156 blˆˆmerang by Gasman
05 152 Plankton by fsqrt [REMOTE]
06 120 Chess by goblinish [REMOTE]
07 119 NotCompoFiller by goblinish [REMOTE]
08 118 Swamp by goblinish [REMOTE]
09 81 Chaos Constructions 2014 invitation by Fakie [REMOTE]

Combined PC 4k/64k compo

Rank Points
01 200 Iterate by Inque
02 188 F-14A by Rebels
03 182 Slang in de gang by Poo-Brain
04 120 Victori Te Salutant by Fulcrum
05 116 Dark Scene by lucid
06 73 Fimpo Coller Season 1 Episode 2 by Yzi/Fit [REMOTE]

Outline 2014: May 29th - June 1st in Eersel, The Netherlands

The Atari demoparty where other platforms are welcome returns for the 11th time.

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Pre-ordering is closed. You can only get tickets at the door while supplies last!

  • Register for Outline

    Even if you haven't bought tickets yet, you can let people know that you are coming to Outline 2014 by registering in advance!

  • Pre-order tickets

    Buy your tickets in advance for less hassle while checking in at Outline 2014. We have several options available!

  • Do the social dance

    Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter. You will be the first to know about things we don't want to reveal just yet!

About Outline

As Holland's longest running annual demoscene event, Outline offers culinary delights, crazy cheap drinks, DJs and live acts, competitions for all platforms and craptastic prize giving ceremonies at 11:30.

Outline is a demo party, an event which takes place over the course of several days. It is a place where people compete, converse and celebrate the creative use of computers. If this is your first demo party, it probably helps to read up on the demo scene.

First held in 2004, Outline started as a shadow party for Breakpoint for people interested in the Atari demo scene. The unique atmosphere started attracting other platforms and while today Outline remains an Atari party at heart, all platforms are welcome to join the fun!


Outline is held in Eersel, a town near the city of Eindhoven and the Dutch/Belgian border.

Getting there

Eindhoven is easy to reach with public transport. People arriving through Schiphol Airport will have a direct train connection at their disposal and people arriving at Eindhoven Airport can use a bus to get to the station. From the train station, bus 150 departs for Eersel twice an hour.

Once you arrive at bus stop Kerkstraat, give the Outline hotline a call at +31 617 188 920 −we'll send a car to pick you up. Save or print the cheatsheet for bus times the hotline number, as well as store opening times.

If you're coming by car, simply drive towards Eindhoven. Take the E34 towards Belgium and take the exit helpfully named "Eersel".

Location address

  • Groepsaccomodate W'tjewel
  • Stokkelen 43
  • 5521 ND Eersel
  • The Netherlands


The main hall conveniently houses 100 attendants with computers, though we can ramp up to 150 provided we all squeeze in. Networking is available, but do not expect internet. Our IRC relay is the only supported means of communication at Outline and we do not have video streams for so-called sofa sceners −the event is best experienced in person.

Outdoor facilities include sturdy tables, fire drums, an honest-to-god children’s playground and a soccer field. The location is well-suited for kids −something that the veteran crowd might appreciate now that they’re grown up and responsible.


You can sleep under your table like oldskool Amiga savages, but Outline offers beds. Alternatively, pitch up a tent at the edges of the sports field. These facilities are as-is, so don't forget to bring your sleeping bag, your favorite pillow and a tent!

If you plan on travelling light, we have a limited supply of sleeping bags and full camping kits (tent, mattress and sleeping bag) available for rent. Contact us for more information!

Food and drink

Outline sells snacks and drinks for shockingly reasonable prices and we have free coffee, tea and breakfast. This is already well above the norm for any other demo party, but we offer a food upgrade for dinners during the entirety of the event. Vegetarian options are available!

The menu

Should you plan to live on lutefisk and yoghurt instead, Outline has publics fridge to keep things nice and edible (…well, except for the lutefisk).


Outline offers a wild variety of live sets, DJ sessions and performances from an international line-up of artists.

  • photo of xyce

    xyce (NL)

    Describing themselves as "Two ordinary guys from Groningen who make music on the Amiga 500, Atari 1040STe, PC and Gameboy", xyce are guaranteed to put any frown upside down.

  • photo of RoccoW

    RoccoW (NL)

    RoccoW has rocked numerous national and international venues with his infectiously melodic Gameboy sounds, and now it's time for him to strut his stuff at Outline!

  • photo of Knoeki

    Knoeki (NL)

    When not churning out code, graphics or music for DSS or TRSI, Knoeki lays down a mean vinyl set for the DnB crowd. Guess what'll happen at Outline? Yep.

  • photo of Gasman

    Gasman (UK)

    After flooring the Eindbaas open stage night and performances at Revision 2014 (both legal and illegal), Gasman returns to Outline with his ZX Speccy Orchestra!

  • photo of Men of Mega

    Men of Mega (NL)

    Men of Mega produce unpretentious, hard hitting melodic chipmusic. Armed with 2 DMG's they've performed all around the world. They also really love beer.

  • photo of Black Maiden HiFi

    Black Maiden HiFi (DE)

    The illustrious German scene group has a mellow side: Black Maiden DJs Dipswitch and Faxe will put their collection of Dub Roots Reggae vinyl to very good use at Outline.

  • photo of Space Operator

    Space Operator (UA)

    Cybernetic Broadcasting System DJ Space Operator needs little introduction: Expect a tight mix of anything ranging from Berlin Techno to Italo Disco with a dash of Synthpop.

  • photo of Franky's 80s roadshow

    Franky's 80s roadshow (BE)

    In the late 80s the Belgians ruled the electronic music spectrum for exactly 6 months. Set to the tempo of 120 bpm, Franky will provide you with some easy-going afternoon music.

  • photo of Irrlicht Project

    Irrlicht Project (DE)

    Irrlicht Project performs music using old computers, obsolete media and obscure software. His favorite instruments: ZX Spectrum and TI graphic calculators. Ooh yeah!

  • photo of Stu

    Stu (CH)

    Stu (Drop da Bomb, YM Rockerz, Bleepstreet and Micromusic.net to name but a few) is back at Outline to give us an object lesson on the excellent chiptune sounds of the Atari ST.

  • photo of Numtek

    Numtek (NL)

    Numtek is a jack of all trades -comfortably alternating from breakcore to soothing dub without pause. We're eager to see what he has planned for us this year!


Outline is an Atari party at heart, but all platforms are welcome to strut their stuff.

Competition hardware

These are the official competition setups at Outline 2014. If your favorite platform isn't in the official support list, don't worry! We have been open to self-organised competitions in the past and we love to help them happen. Get in touch with us if you want to pitch in with something unexpected.

  • Atari ST

    • Unmodified Atari 1040STE
    • Motorola 68000 @ 8MHz
    • 4Mb RAM
  • Atari Falcon 030

    • Motorola 68030 @ 14MHz
    • FPU present
    • 14Mb RAM
  • Atari Falcon 060

    • Motorola 68060 @ 100MHz
    • CT63 with unmodified bus
    • 14Mb ST & 512Mb TT RAM
    • CF Card reader (bootable)
    • MiNT 1.19 and NVDI 5.03 installed
  • PC

    • Intel Core i7-2700K @ 3.5GHz
    • Asus P8Z68-M PRO
    • 16GB RAM
    • NVidia GeForce GTX Titan (NVA-P2083)
    • Windows 8.1 64-bit with latest stable NVidia drivers and 2010-06 DirectX Redistributable

General rules

  1. Don't be an idiot. Don't break any dutch laws, respect copyright law and don't cheat.
  2. Remote entries are allowed in any compo. There's a catch though: by not being present, you waive the right to any prizes. So you're in it for the fame, not the fanta.
  3. Competitions can be consolidated or cancelled at the compo team's discretion.
  4. Technical details, formats and platforms will be announced for each entry.
  5. If your entry runs on a different configuration than the compo machine(s), please bring your own machine or contact us to verify if we can run it on available hardware.
  6. If you are working for an entry on an unlisted platform, but for some reason want it to compete in a different compo than the Wild, contact us.
  7. The compo team has the final word on things. We are reasonable people though, we will do our best to help out!

Graphics competitions

Pixel Graphics

  • This competition is primarily for Atari STE. Entries will be shown on real hardware.
  • Entries on other platforms are welcome, but please provide the means for us to display your work (hardware or emulator)
  • Please provide at least three steps of your work in progress.
  • Maximum resolution: 320 × 200 with 16 colors.

Freestyle Graphics

  • Any file format accepted by IrfanView is allowed −lossless files are preferable.
  • Please provide at least three steps of your work in progress.
  • Maximum resolution: 1920 × 1080.


  • Please specifiy the used tools for retouching.
  • In the case of major retouching and compositing, please consider entering the Freestyle Graphics competition instead.
  • The maximum display resolution is 1920 × 1080, larger resolutions are accepted.

Music Competitions

Executable music

  • Your entry can run on any platform (oldskool and newskool), but please bring the means to run it in the compo.
  • Maximum file size: 32kb.
  • Maximum playtime: 5 minutes.

Oldskool music

  • This competition is for ProTracker 4-channel MODs only.
  • Unless requested otherwise, we will play entries with XMPlay.
  • Maximum playtime: 5 minutes.

Newskool / Streaming music

  • Accepted file formats include .mp3, .flac, .ogg, .xrns, .xm, .it & .s3m.
  • Unless requested otherwise, tracked entries (.xm, .it & .s3m) will be played in XMPlay with default settings. Renoise will be used for .xrns files.
  • You are encouraged to tag your streaming music entries properly.
  • Maximum playtime: 5 minutes.

Atari competitions

Atari 4k intro

  • This is a competition for Atari hardware only.
  • Any Atari platform is accepted, but please bring it with you.
  • Maximum file size: 4096 bytes.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Atari ST 96k intro

  • This competition will be played on an unexpanded Atari 1040STE.
  • Maximum file size: 98304 bytes.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Atari Falcon 96k intro

  • Please specify the desired Falcon machine -030 or 060.
  • Maximum file size: 98304 bytes.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Atari ST demo

  • This competition will be played on an unexpanded Atari 1040STE.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Atari Falcon demo

  • Please specify the desired Falcon machine -030 or 060.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Atari Bootsector

  • This is a competition for Atari hardware only.
  • The boot sector has to be supplied on a disk and created with PROTOBT (XBIOS 18), unless you include a custom installer.
  • You disk format must be 2 sides, 80 tracks, 9 sectors and fully usable for files.

PC compos

PC 4k intro

  • Maximum file size: 4096 bytes.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.
  • No other files from the archive when starting the intro. No cheating!

PC 64k intro

  • Maximum file size: 65335 bytes.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.
  • No other files from the archive when starting the intro. No cheating!

PC Demo

  • There is no file size limit for this compo, but obvious misuse of this rule will result in jeers and boos from the audience and organizers.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Misc. compos


  • Maximum file size: 128 bytes.
  • Your entry can run on any platform, but please bring it with you.

Realtime WILD

  • Anything not covered by the other competitions goes here (including, but not limited to, GBA, fridges, plotters, XBox, Amiga PPC, a performance on stage, javascript, IBM XT, Vectrex and overhead projectors).
  • Realtime entries only, animations or videos have their own category.
  • Your entry can run on any platform, but please bring it with you.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.


  • Your entry can run on any platform, but please bring it with you.
  • There is no file size limit for this compo, but obvious misuse of this rule will result in jeers and boos from the audience and organizers.
  • Gameplay will occur live on the big screen.


  • Accepted video codecs include h264, mpeg-2, vc-1 and xvid.
  • Maximum resolution: 1920×1080.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.


Outline 2014 is packed to the gills with activities and events. Have a look and plan ahead for those pesky deadlines or your favorite artist's performance!

Thursday May 29th

Time Description
13:00 Event Doors open
16:30 Music Numtek
19:30 Event Opening Ceremony
19:00 Food BBQ
20:00 Music Dipswitch
21:30 Music Xyce

Friday May 30th

Time Description
10:00 Food Brunch
11:30 Deadline All Graphics and Music
13:00 Music Irrlicht Project
14:25 Music Gasman
16:00 Event Tasty Chips Synth demo
18:30 Compo Newskool & Streaming Music
Compo Old school tracked Music
Compo Executable Music
20:00 Food Indian Curry
20:00 Music Stu
21:30 Compo Pixel graphics
Compo Freestyle graphics
Compo 3D/Render
Compo Photo
22:00 Music Knoeki

Saturday May 31st

Time Description
10:00 Food Brunch
11:30 Deadline Game, Animation and all Intro and Demo
13:00 Music Franky's EBM Show
14:25 Music Dipswitch vs Faxe
16:00 Music Blamstrain cancelled
17:30 Music Space Operator
19:00 Food Hapkar
19:00 Compo Game
19:00 Compo Animation
20:00 Music RoccoW
21:30 Compo Atari intro, demo & bootsector
Compo Realtime wild
Compo PC intro & demo
22:40 Music Men of Mega
23:00 Deadline Voting closes
23:30 Event Prizegiving Ceremony

Sunday June 1st

Time Description
10:00 Food Left over brunch
12:00 Event Doors close


Outline tickets cost €65,- and this year we're adding a new perk:
A €20,- upgrade so you don't need to worry about dinner during the event.

Pre-ordering is closed. You can only get tickets at the door while supplies last!

A pre-order ticket gives you full access to the event with very little to worry about: there's a bed reservation and free breakfast/coffee/tea. The €20,- upgrade will add free dinner to the pile of goodies, meaning you are pretty much set for entertainment, rest and food for the duration of Outline 2014.