Outline 2014: May 29th - June 1st in Eersel, The Netherlands

The Atari demoparty where other platforms are welcome returns for the 11th time.

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This site is under the tyranny of constant construction! We are hammering out the final information for 2014, but here are three things you can do right now:

  • Pre-order tickets

    Buy your tickets in advance for a €10 discount and less hassle checking in at Outline 2014. We have several options available!

  • Register for Outline

    Even if you haven't bought tickets yet, you can let people know that you are coming to Outline 2014 by registering in advance!

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Outline tickets cost €55,- during the early-bird period, but this year we're adding a new perk:
A €20,- upgrade so you don't need to worry about dinner during the event.

A pre-order ticket gives you full access to the event with very little to worry about: there's a bed reservation and free breakfast/coffee/tea. The €20,- upgrade will add free dinner to the pile of goodies, meaning you are pretty much set for entertainment, rest and food for the duration of Outline 2014.

You can pre-order using bank transfer or Paypal. If you honestly need a different payment option, get in touch!

Bank transfer

Account: Peter van Rijn
ING Bank, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL27INGB0008296429


Direct transfers pvrijn[at]hotmail.com Direct only -other transfers will be denied.
Bank & Credit Cards havoc[at]outlinedemoparty.nl +3.5% Paypal handling fee per ticket, which comes to €56.93 or €77.63 per ticket.

Your demoscene alias. If you don't have one, your real name is fine.

Decide what flag you'd like to wave. An EU flag will also do.

This address will be used to confirm ticket transactions only.

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