Outline 2014: May 29th - June 1st in Eersel, The Netherlands

The Atari demoparty where other platforms are welcome returns for the 11th time.

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This site is under the tyranny of constant construction! We are hammering out the final information for 2014, but here are three things you can do right now:

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About Outline

As Holland's longest running annual demoscene event, Outline offers culinary delights, crazy cheap drinks, DJs and live acts, competitions for all platforms and craptastic prize giving ceremonies at 11:30.

Outline is a demo party, an event which takes place over the course of several days. It is a place where people compete, converse and celebrate the creative use of computers. If this is your first demo party, it probably helps to read up on the demo scene.

First held in 2004, Outline started as a shadow party for Breakpoint for people interested in the Atari demo scene. The unique atmosphere started attracting other platforms and while today Outline remains an Atari party at heart, all platforms are welcome to join the fun!


Location is key and we have that bit sorted.
W'tjewel offers a balance between comfort and being able to do just about anything.


The main hall conveniently houses 100 attendants with computers, though we can ramp up to 150 provided we all squeeze in. Networking is available, but do not expect internet. Our IRC relay is the only supported means of communication at Outline and we do not have video streams for so-called sofasceners −the event is best experienced in person.

Outdoor facilities include sturdy tables, fire drums, an honest-to-god children’s playground and a soccer field. The location is well-suited for kids −something that the veteran crowd might appreciate now that they’re grown up and responsible.

You can sleep under your table like oldskool Amiga savages, but Outline offers beds (remember to bring a pillow and a sleeping bag). Alternatively, pitch up a tent at the edges of the sports field.

Food and drink

Outline sells snacks and drinks for shockingly reasonable prices and we have free coffee, tea and breakfast. This is already well above the norm for any other demo party, but we offer a food upgrade for dinners during the entirety of the event. Vegetarian options are available!

The menu

Should you plan to live on lutefisk and yoghurt instead, Outline has publics fridge to keep things nice and edible (…well, except for the lutefisk).


Outline tickets cost €55,- during the early-bird period, but this year we're adding a new perk:
A €20,- upgrade so you don't need to worry about dinner during the event.

A pre-order ticket gives you full access to the event with very little to worry about: there's a bed reservation and free breakfast/coffee/tea. The €20,- upgrade will add free dinner to the pile of goodies, meaning you are pretty much set for entertainment, rest and food for the duration of Outline 2014.

You can pre-order using bank transfer or Paypal. If you honestly need a different payment option, get in touch!

Bank transfer

Account: Peter van Rijn
ING Bank, The Netherlands
IBAN: NL27INGB0008296429


Direct transfers: pvrijn[at]hotmail.com Direct only -other transfers will be denied.
Bank & Credit Cards: havoc[at]outlinedemoparty.nl +3.5% Paypal handling fee per ticket, which comes to €56.93 or €77.63 per ticket.

Your demoscene alias. If you don't have one, your real name is fine.

Decide what flag you'd like to wave. An EU flag will also do.

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