Outline 2015 is now over!

Thank you for attending! Results and releases will be up soon…

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May 14th - May 17th 2015 in Willemsoord, The Netherlands

Check out the invitations

Download the invitations by Guideline (PC), DSS (Mirc) and Desire (Amiga, C64)

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About Outline

As Holland's longest running annual demoscene event, Outline offers culinary delights, crazy cheap drinks, DJs and live acts, competitions for all platforms and craptastic prize giving ceremonies at 11:30.

Outline is a demo party, an event which takes place over the course of several days. It is a place where people compete, and celebrate the creative use of computers. If this is your first encounter with Outline or demo parties in general, you would do well to read up on the matter on wikipedia.

Outline started in 2004 as a shadow party organised by and for the Atari demo scene to coincide with Breakpoint (one of the largest demo scene events held annually in Germany). Word got out and the unique atmosphere started attracting people from other platforms. Today, Outline remains an Atari party at heart but welcomes all platforms to mingle, agree and disagree.


Outline has relocated to Groepsaccomodatie De Riethoeve in Willemsoord, strategically located on the outskirts of a former pauper colony in Overijssel.

  • Facilities

    A Spacious main hall with large format projection screen and suitable audio, plenty of beds and a private campsite, terrace and sportsfields right outside the main hall, indoor bar and lounge, and last but not least: a pond for the PMP duckies.

  • Food & Drink

    Outline serves shockingly cheap drinks and snacks at the bar. To top that off, there's free coffee, tea and breakfast for every visitor. A €30,− food ticket covers you for dinner throughout the event.

  • Network

    We'll be kicking it oldskool this year −no fancy internet nor networking, just the essentials for uploading and voting. We have no incentive to cater to Sofasceners −please stop asking for video feeds.

Getting there

The location is considerably more up north than Outline has been before, but long-distance travellers will not be affected much.

  1. People coming by plane are recommended to land at Amsterdam Schiphol and use the Intercity connection towards Leeuwarden to get to Steenwijk. This train leaves every 30 minutes and the trip takes less than two hours.

    We can supply train tickets valid from anywhere in the Netherlands towards Outline and back for the ridiculously low fee of €14,−. Make sure to tick the checkbox in the registration form if you want one −you'd be stupid not to.

  2. Just outside Steenwijk station you can press the button on the blue and white taxi post (between 06:00 and 01:30). A Regiotaxi car or van should show up within 15 minutes and take you to the party location for approximately €6 (don't forget to bring the address!).

    Alternatively, you can take Bus 76 to get to busstop Willemsoord. From there, the location can be reached by taking a left turn from the intersection and walk 750 metres. The traditional pickup service has been retired this year, our response time for requests would be several times slower than the short walk.

  3. Most people coming by car should start by reaching the A32 expressway travelling north towards Leeuwarden. After taking exit 7: Steenwijk Noord and turning left at the bottom of the exit, follow the road and exit the roundabout straight ahead towards Willemsoord.

    Keep following the road straight through Witte Paarden township. About 2 kilometers from the highway exit, the main road takes a sharp turn to the left, and right there you can also turn right to continue travelling straight in the direction of Willemsoord. After about 1,5km, you will reach the main road crossing in Willemsoord with on your right hand side Cafe de Steen. Turn left onto Paasloregel here, and follow the road for about 800m until you see the Outline bee on the left side of the road.


Outline is an Atari party at heart, but all platforms are welcome to strut their stuff.

General rules

  1. Don't be an idiot. Don't break any dutch laws, respect copyright law and don't cheat.
  2. Remote entries are allowed in any compo. We are happy to receive them at compos(at)outlinedemoparty(dot)nl. There's a catch though: by not being present, you waive the right to any prizes. So you're in it for the fame, not the Fanta.
  3. Competitions can be consolidated or cancelled at the compo team's discretion.
  4. Technical details, formats and platforms for entries will be announced beforehand.
  5. Bring your own hardware configuration for entries running on alternative platforms.
  6. If you feel that your entry for any unlisted platform shouldn't be run in the Wild competition, please get in touch with the compo team as soon as possible.
  7. In case we receive too many entries for any given competition, preselection will occur. The first ones out will be remote entries, followed by the utterly boring ones.
  8. The compo team has the final word on things. We are reasonable people though, so we will do our best to be of help!

Atari competitions

Entries will be shown on real hardware when available. Stay tuned for the final list of available machines. If your required setup is unavailable, please bring it with you. Maximum playtime for all entries is 10 minutes.

Atari 4k intro

  • Entries for all Atari hardware (ST(e), Falcon, XL/XE, VCS...) are welcome.
  • Maximum file size: 4096 bytes.

Atari ST 96k intro

  • This competition is for the unexpanded ST and STe.
  • Maximum file size: 98304 bytes.

Atari ST demo

  • This competition is for the unexpanded ST and STe.
  • There is no maximum file size.

Atari Falcon 96k intro

  • Entries for both 030 and 060 are welcome.
  • Maximum file size: 98304 bytes.

Atari Falcon demo

  • Entries for both 030 and 060 are welcome.
  • There is no maximum file size.

Music competitions

Original works only; remixes, covers, and previously released songs are not allowed. Maximum playtime for all entries is 4 minutes. Longer entries will be faded out.

Oldschool music

  • Entries for all 8-/16-bit platforms are accepted (Atari ST, Atari XL, C64, ZX Spectrum, NES, Game Boy, Sega Mega Drive, etc.), as well as 4 channel .MODs.
  • Atari ST(e) entries will be played on real hardware. We have emulators installed for most other popular systems, or bring your own hardware.
  • Submit your entry as an executable program runnable on the target platform, although we will be lenient for platforms with no common/standard format, or easy way to produce an executable (e.g. Nintendo Game Boy).
  • An MP3 or OGG recording of your entry is highly appreciated.

Executable music

  • Executables for all modern platforms (i.e. not qualifying for the oldschool compo, such as PC, Atari Falcon, Amiga AGA, etc.) are accepted.
  • Please provide an MP3 or OGG recording, or include a .WAV writer.
  • Maximum file size: 32 kb (32768 bytes).

Newschool music

  • Accepted file formats are MP3, OGG, XRNS (Renoise), XM, IT, S3M, and AM (ACE Tracker).
  • XM, IT and S3M modules will be played with the latest version of XMPlay using default settings (sinc interpolation, sensitive ramping, 50% stereo separation). If you need different settings, please specify.
  • Renoise and ACE Tracker entries will be played with the latest available versions of their respective tracker software. For Renoise entries: no plugins other than the built-in ones will be installed.

PC competitions

We officially support entries for Windows and Linux. We also accept Mac entries, but please bring your own hardware. We'll have the latest versions of the .NET (Windows only) and Java runtimes installed. Stay tuned for more precise details of our setup.

We also welcome realtime web browser entries. We'll have the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer installed. Please specify the preferred browser to run your entry with.

PC 4k intro

  • Entries should consist of a single executable file.
  • Maximum file size: 4096 bytes.

PC 64k intro

  • Entries should consist of a single executable file.
  • Maximum file size: 65536 bytes.

PC demo

  • There is no maximum file size.

Graphics competitions

Please provide at least three workstages for pixel/freestyle entries or retouched photos. We will zoom in and out during screening of the entries to showcase the techniques applied. Note that our beamer resolution is 1920x1080 - so if you're planning to submit your work in all its 4k glory, be advised.

Pixel graphics

  • Entries for all platforms are accepted.
  • Atari ST(e) entries will be shown on real hardware. We have emulators installed for most other popular systems, or bring your own hardware.
  • Please provide at least three workstages.
  • Maximum resolution: 320x200, 16 colors.

Freestyle graphics

  • Any file format supported by IrfanView is allowed (for your own sake, lossless formats are preferred).
  • Please provide at least three workstages.


  • Minor retouching is allowed. Please specify any tools used, and supply the unmodified photo.
  • In case of major editing and/or compositing, please submit your entry to the Freestyle graphics compo instead. In case of doubt, ask the compo organizers.

Miscellaneous competitions

Atari ST(e) entries will be shown on real hardware. We have emulators installed for most other popular systems, or bring your own hardware.

128 byte intro

  • Entries for all platforms are accepted.
  • Atari ST(e) entries will be shown on real hardware. We have emulators installed for most other popular systems (Atari XL/XE, C64, ZX Spectrum, Amiga...), or bring your own hardware.
  • Maximum file size: 128 bytes


  • This competition is for non-realtime entries: videos, rendered animations, etc.
  • We accept any file format that can be played back by VLC Media Player.
  • Maximum playtime is 10 minutes.


  • Entries for all platforms are accepted.
  • Atari ST(e) entries will be shown on real hardware. We have emulators installed for most other popular systems, or bring your own hardware.
  • There is no maximum file size.
  • Gameplay will occur live on the bigscreen!

Realtime wild

  • Anything realtime not covered by the other competitions goes here. This includes, but is not limited to: consoles, Amiga, C64, ZX Spectrum, fridges, plotters, overhead projectors, a performance on stage, etc. Go nuts!
  • We have emulators installed for most popular systems, but be ready to supply the required hardware or emulator. A video recording is fine if your platform has no practical way of outputting a video signal.
  • Maximum playtime: 10 minutes.

Competition hardware

Atari ST/E

  • Unmodified Atari 1040STE
  • Motorola 68000 (8 MHz)
  • 4 MB RAM

Atari Falcon 030

  • Motorola 68030 (14 MHz)
  • FPU present
  • 14 MB RAM


  • Intel Core i7-5820K (6 x 3.3 GHz)
  • 16 GB RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Black (6 GB)
  • Asus X99-A mainboard
  • Windows 8.1 64-bit with latest stable NVidia drivers and DirectX


Outline offers a wild variety of live sets, DJ sessions and performances from an international line-up of artists.

  • photo of 505


    The Michael Schumacher of Atari chiptune music, winning almost every single compo for which he entered his chiptunes the last decade, is showing off his art live at Outline 2015! Be sure to don't miss 505's live set of ST-jing!

  • photo of Alpha C

    Alpha C

    Alpha C is an active demoscene musician and member of TRBL and DSS. He has recently been branching out with chiptune-oriented live shows, including performances at the EINDBAAS 5 years anniversary edition, and at Berlin's Deadline demoparty.

  • photo of Black Maiden

    Black Maiden

    Faxe and Dipswitch from demo- and ansi-group Black Maiden occasionally team up and spin roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music they both enjoy. At Outline, they will play a relaxed afternoon set to help you recover from the night before and to get you in the mood for the night to come.

  • photo of Bombe


    Hailing from the Danish city of Altona (occupied by Germany since 1864), he's mixing up bassy spritziness with a touch of melody and just the right amount of frizzling around the edges. The bomb of bass: Bombe!

  • photo of DaTucker


    Real 'Commie' DaTucker has never been afraid to play a DJ-set at the biggest Dutch annual demoparty with Atari roots. Once again he'll provide Outline with a mix of electro, 8-bit and oldskool house sounds. And at Havoc's special request: Barbie Girl.

  • photo of deathy


    deathy will be bringin' the groove with his glitch funk set, performing on his own prototype DJ software. Please be gentle for any unintentional glitches - but if it sounds cool, it was totally intentional.

  • photo of dojoe


    dojoe will sweeten your Saturday afternoon with a healthy selection of relaxed, uplifting and/or vocal trance, with sprinkles of Progressive House to round off the meal.

  • photo of Gasman


    ZX Spectrum superfan and veteran of many previous Outline live acts, Gasman performs demoscene classics and pop anthems through the medium of chiptunes, with a dash of keytar and vocoder thrown in for good measure.

  • photo of irrlicht project

    irrlicht project

    Armed with a TI-82 calculator and a ZX Spectrum, irrlicht project plays prog-rock inspired 1-bit music, with a few dancy tunes sprinkled inbetween.

  • photo of Knoeki


    When not churning out mIRC based invitations for Outline, Knoeki lays down a mean vinyl set for the DnB crowd. Guess what'll happen at Outline again? Yep.

  • photo of RoccoW


    Known for his Nintendo Gameboy chiptunes as well as his Action Henk Hot Pepper Game Review, RoccoW will play some of his best chiptunes live at Outline!

  • photo of SunSpire


    One might wonder how SunSpire finds the time to entertain us as a DJ. In daily life very busy as main organizer of the highy recommended Nordlicht Parties in Bremen, host at SceneSat Radio and active musician in the demoscene, at Outline 2015 he'll puts Pop, 80s and 90s on our musical menu. At special request of Havoc beefed up with some German Schlagers.

  • photo of Wiklund


    Offer Wiklund/Fairlight a Dutch stroopwafel with mayonnaise and he'll beat his best happy Gameboy and C64 chiptunes out of his gear. Outline's damage to get him play: some stroopwafels and a jar of mayonnaise.

  • photo of xyce


    Chiptune heroes xyce who have performed all around the world, will provide you with happy melody driven chiptune made with various computers like the Atari ST, C64, Gameboy, Amiga 500 and PC. Pop like arrangements that will definitely bring a smile to your face.


Outline is packed to the gills with activities and events. Have a look and plan ahead for those pesky deadlines or your favorite artist's performance!

Thursday May 14th

Time Description
11:30 Event Doors open
18:30 Event Opening Ceremony
19:00 Food Hapkar
20:00 Music irrlicht project (chiptune)
21:00 Music Knoeki (drum'n'bass)
22:00 Music Gasman (chiptune)
23:00 Music Wiklund (chiptune)

Friday May 15th

Time Description
10:00 Food Brunch
11:30 Deadline All Graphics and Music
13:30 Music SunSpire (Pop, 80s, 90s)
15:00 Music Bombe (EDM)
17:30 Compo Oldschool Music
18:00 Compo Newschool & Streaming Music
19:00 Food Stamppot buffet
19:30 Compo Executable Music
20:00 Music Deathy (efunk)
21:00 Compo Pixel graphics
21:30 Compo Freestyle graphics
22:00 Compo Photo
22:30 Music RoccoW (chiptune)
23:30 Music Xyce (chiptune)

Saturday May 16th

Time Description
10:00 Food Brunch
11:30 Deadline Game, Animation and all Intro and Demo
13:00 Music Black Maiden (lounge)
14:30 Music dojoe (chilly trance)
16:00 Music DaTucker (EDM)
18:00 Compo Game
18:30 Compo 128b/Bootsector
19:00 Food Chinese/Indonesian buffet
19:30 Compo Animation
20:00 Compo Realtime wild
21:00 Compo Atari demos
21:45 Compo PC demos
22:30 Music Alpha C (chiptune)
23:15 Deadline Voting closes
23:30 Event Prizegiving Ceremony

Sunday May 17th

Time Description
00:00 Music 505 (chiptune)
10:00 Food Left over brunch
11:30 Event Doors close


Outline tickets cost €65,− during the pre-pay period and €75,− at the door for the regular package. A €30,− upgrade for pre-pay tickets adds free dinners to the mix.

A pre-order ticket gives you full access to the event with very little to worry about: there's a bed reservation and free breakfast/coffee/tea. The €30,− upgrade will add free dinner to the pile of goodies, meaning you are pretty much set for entertainment, rest and food for the duration of the event.


The pre-order period is over, information about ticket sales at the door of the venue will be added soon.