Thanks to all the generous donations we received from our awesome supporters for last year's Outline Demoparty we can offer a free votekey to any scener who uses the form below to register for the party.

However, donations to our party fund are still very welcome. Running an online party is a lot cheaper than running a physical event but certainly not a cheap affair. We have invested about 60% of the funds we received in 2020 in hardware that will be used for the 2021 party. Most of this hardware has also been used to organize and/or support other online events like for example:
•Byte Battle @ Lovebyte
•Shader Showdown @ Revision
•Shader Jam @ Revision
•Shader Jam @ Chaos Constructions
•Shader Jam @ The Overkill festival
•Shader Showdown @ Assembly
•Shader Jam @ Assembly
•Shader Showdown @ Field-FX
•Shader Showdown @ NOVA