At Outline, besides the demoscene you can enjoy good food from our catering experts.

Thursday May 18th

Italian cuisine (from La Dolce Vita) - 17 euro

  1. Antipasti
  2. Macaroni Bolognese
  3. Pasta Firenze
  4. Quatro Stagioni
  5. Vegan Pizza

Friday May 19th

Surinamese cuisine (from SuriSpecial) - 19 euro

  1. Nasi rames
  2. Bami rames
  3. Satay
  4. Yardlong beans
  5. Rendang

Saturday May 20th

Dutch cuisine (from Dirk Wennemars) - 15 euro

  1. Meatballs in sauce
  2. Satay
  3. Procureurlapje (pork)
  4. Country ham
  5. Chicken filet
  6. Spare ribs
  7. Potato mix
  8. Nasi goreng
  9. Potato salads (Huzaren, Beef and Egg)
  10. Baguette with herb butter
  11. No vegetarian option!
  • The deadline

    Deadline for ordering the complete food ticket for all evenings is Friday morning, May 12th, at 12:00 CEST.

    HOWEVER, havoc still has a few food tickets left, mail to us and maybe we can help.

  • The price

    Besides the prices for the meals you also have to pay the entrance ticket (80 euro).

  • Registration

    Is only necessary if you want us to order the vegetarian options for you. The registration form is here. If you prefer the meat based meal options you can go ahead and transfer the money to us, we can deduct from the amount which meals to order.

  • Vegetarian?

    Put this in the field for comments on the registration form. Do not order the meal from Wennemars please, there will be no vegetarian option available.

  • Questions?

    Send mail to [email protected].